martes, 21 de julio de 2009

Vamos pa Laos

It's been a while.

Jumping right into the matter at hand: Laos.

So, my facebook has been bugging me with alerts for the past week about a speed-dating service and recommending matches for me. Aside from said matches being a little young (20?) they are also, without exception, from Laos.

Now, of all the places my mind has scampered off to on days when I couldn't stand this city anymore, Laos never crossed my mind. St. Petersburg, Russia? Sure. Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia? On the shortlist. But Laos? Never.

And so I've been thinking, maybe it's time to reconsider the unexplored. Just because it never crossed my mind to go find love in Laos, doesn't mean that Laos is not there. This place, this place I never thought of, never considered, never existed in my mind before, it's waiting for me. The adventure is waiting for me, right?

Of course, right now, I have no money for Laos. But I am going to Loja next week, a town to the south of the country, near the Peruvian border. Never been before.

Not adventurous enough, you say?

Shut up. It's a start.

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