martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

the girl who knew too much

the girl who knew too much never slept as well as she could have.

she whispered secrets to herself in the mirror.

she had all the passwords, all the keys.

but none of the doors seemed all that attractive after a while, and so she dropped the keys from an eighth-floor balcony, one by one, missing pedestrians by a hair.

on the calendar, her last day was already marked and she marched towards it with no trepidation.

the girl who knew too much didn't sleep enough.

she kept one eye open at all times. she trained it on his shape on the bed beside her.

the girl who knew too much did not trust.

she just... knew too much.

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Antonieta dijo...

por eso nos hacemos los locos no?
Me gustó mucho, lo imaginé.