miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008


Did you see me?

Did you see that?

Did you see all that I can do?

I can jump higher than high, dance like the gods, sing to the moon, turn cards in my hand, become a wizard. Watch my right hand, then my left. Watch it all just disappear.

A child, crying out for attention.

I am only guilty of wishing for embraces that never materialize.

So I exit stage left, defeated.

Who am I inside my own skin?

I am no one. Watch me vanish.

I disappear into air, thick and heavy air filled with smoke. By a glamour, I turn into dust.

Who would I be beneath you, above you, below, on top?

Who would I become, under the weight of your hand?

I am guilty of only this, and for that I will burn like all the witches before my time.

I tried to conjure your skin against mine.

Old sorcery, tricks of ages past, I tried them all.

Nothing left up my sleeve.

What does it take to become no one?

This will be my greatest act. This will be the one to end it all.

You asked for it, you clapped for it.

Close your eyes. Count to ten.

I am gone.

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